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DISCIPLINE + Proven Genetics = VALUE

We have been consistent in following the lesson plan that we laid out for our program from the very beginning. It is has been our mission to not just follow the plan, but share it with as many like-minded and progressive cattlemen as possible. While genetics continue to evolve and tools and science available constantly update, the equation to sustainable profitability is unchanged. We don't just breed bulls and females to sell. We follow a disciplined breeding program to prepare the next generation of proven genetics. We are devoting more resources than ever before to help our customers create and capture value through buy back and feeder calf placement programs as well as heifer development and marketing programs. We invite you to do your homework, study the lesson plan and join us for our Third Annual Production Sale.

Worthington Angus
Third Annual Production Sale
March 24, 2018
12 Noon • at the Farm • Dadeville, MO
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Selling Approximately 90 Lots Including:
45 – 20 Month Old Bulls
10 – 15 Month Old Bulls
20 – Fall Bred Cows
15 – Spring Pairs

  • 100% AI and ET
  • Every bull will sell with a DNA profile
  • One year breeding soundness guarantee
  • Free Delivery
  • Repeat Customer Discount

Average EPDs of Bulls Selling

CED BW WW YW SC Doc Milk Marb RE $W $B
11 0.6 61 110 .58 21 28 .97 .62 62.38 140.25

Method Genetics Average Indexs on Bulls Selling

141 120 240